Without you, I’m as lonely as an abandoned dog on the side of the highway. I have gift anxiety even though I don’t know when your birthday is! We can spend perfect days shopping and cooking together. I swear, I won’t make wisecracks when you scrape your tires against the curb while parallel parking. If you consent to live with me, I’ll clean the toilet every week. I’ll do it with my tongue if you ask. I will strike the words “hooters” and “love rockets” from my vocabulary. I’ll love you. Even if your name is Mimi and you want me to pronounce it “May May”. I will only pass gas underneath the covers and under the direst of circumstances. Hell, I’ll go on a low cholesterol diet. And I won’t buy one of those red sports cars when I hit my mid-life crisis. Your parents can come visit us every week, even if your mom is a witch with a capital B. And your folks don’t have to go to a retirement home because they can come live with us. I declare, I will separate the whites from the colors and learn the mysteries of hot and cold water washes. I’ll never huff and puff while waiting for you to put on my makeup. If you’re a cat person, I’ll never point out the fact that a dog can save your life from drowning, but a cat can’t. I will happily go see chick flicks with you, like “Pride and Prejudice.” I’ll make a point to trying new food like okra gumbo. I won’t curl my nose at vegetables whose awful taste is disguised by having cheese put on it. I pledge to always say “yes” when you ask, “Is my hair looking okay tonight?” I’m gonna bring a whole new meaning to the word “cuddle.” I’ll be thoughtful enough to read your horoscope every day. I’m gonna save every birthday card you send me! And I’ll actually write you real letters when we’re apart. I’m never gonna expect you to know where I left my car keys, and I’ll never leave my socks on the floor. With me, you’ll find the cap is always on the toothpaste. I’ll start wearing those male bikini underwear if you like. My belly button will always be lint free. I want to full-on kiss your clitoris. It will be the most passionate, intimate experience you’ve ever had. I declare now, I will give my life for you. And if you fail to come to me, I know some part of me will surely die. 

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